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    Default Fiber optic vs standard iron sights for competition

    When I started shooting in competitions I switched over to a fiber optic front sight with standard iron rear sights. I like how quickly you could pick up the front sight and get on target. I had a few matches where I didn't realize it but my FO had broke off inside the sight and you could hardly see it. What I noticed was I looked more at my rear sights to line up my shots and seemed to be more accurate. I think sometimes I was just putting the dot on the target and firing instead of getting the correct sight picture. I'm going to play around with this and see which way actually works best for me. Has anyone else had similiar experiences?
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    Default Re: Fiber optic vs standard iron sights for competition

    I had that problem when I first went to FO sights. The red and green were so bright that I would just see the dot on target and pull the trigger. I switched to yellow and orange for a while until my focus improved and then went back to the red when I was ready. Those colors are not nearly as bright.


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