At the conclusion of classes people often ask me how they can continue to hone and practice their skills outside of class. My answer is to put as much of your skill sets into your daily routine as possible. Chances are that every time you do you will be thinking about your survival and reinforcing your mindset. Here some examples-

Every time you are stationary in vehicle longer than a traffic light undo your seat belt. This allows you the freedom of movement.

When walking by people on the street, make a habit of passing them on their right, your left. (This based on the fact that 93%+ of people in the world are right handed) Thus doing so will slow their reaction time and put you in a position to not only control their strong hand, but also isolate it from the weapons band (nipple line to waist).

When you make a habit of being aware of your total surroundings and limiting your exposure by doing simple things, it will make the decision to use force that much more obvious because you have exhausted every other option.

For too many people their survival triangle uses the gun and using it as a broad base. The truth is that the base should be awareness, then avoidance, and finally aggression. The very tip of the triangle should be "Pulling the Trigger". If it gets to that point you have done everything you could to avoid using deadly force and will be able to articulate that.

Training that only gives you the choice of shoot/don't shoot on an audio que has little to do with the reality of defending yourself in the street. Look at your program, if it is tool based instead of training based maybe it is time to look for something different.