Putting on an all unknown distance match on May 15 in Mifflintown. Great range for shooting UKD, and we may also add a 300Y barricade stage.

This is not an AR-15 type match, and a rack grade AR15 with a combat optic will be way out of place. It is for the sort of rifle you would find in F-Class/TR.

Info and reg:


Subject to change, but we will likely have two phases. First one will be LRF OK. Then, the targets will be moved. Second one will be rifle scope reticle only. Simple golf scoring with 5 rounds per target max.

There is some up angle here, about 15 degrees, especially when reaching out long. This may be uncomfortable or impossible to some while shooting prone. Bring what is required to facilitate this please.

Range has a mostly covered firing line, and targets will be all steel.

We may be able to facilitate on premises camping, and some zero checking on Friday. More on that as things continue to unfold.

Looking forward to a good time with old and new friends alike.