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    Default Pennsylvania: Baldwin Borough to Draft Lost or Stolen Legislation!

    Monday, April 05, 2010

    Please Stand Up and Make Your Voice Heard!

    The Baldwin Borough Council will soon draft an ordinance that would require gun-owners to report lost or stolen firearms or face possible fines and imprisonment. The Council will meet on Tuesday, April 13 to discuss the matter.

    Such a proposal not only violates Pennsylvania’s state preemption laws, but also potentially turns law-abiding gun owners -- who have already been victimized by theft -- into criminals. Proponents claim, although they have never demonstrated, that this will deter illegal firearms trafficking. While the NRA certainly does not oppose the reporting of lost and stolen firearms, it does oppose stigmatizing and punishing the victims of crime or those who suffer loss from events, such as natural catastrophes, that are not their fault. The message these laws send is that persons whose firearms are lost or stolen are somehow to blame or are complicit in the criminal acts of another person.

    Please attend the Borough Council meeting on Tuesday, April 13 to voice your opposition to this illegal and unjust proposal. The meeting will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Borough Municipal Building located at 3344 Churchview Avenue in Pittsburgh.

    Also, please contact the Mayor of Baldwin Borough, Alexander Bennett, Jr., as well as the Borough Council and respectfully make your voice heard. Contact information can be found below.

    Mayor Alexander R. Bennett Jr.
    412-882-9600, ext 210.

    Borough Council:

    Larry Brown

    Bob Collet

    John Conley

    David Depretis

    John Ferris

    Edward Moeller

    Michael Stelmasczyk

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    Default Re: Pennsylvania: Baldwin Borough to Draft Lost or Stolen Legislation!

    Attention NRA Life and voting members - LPRGCFRANK running for NRA board of directors

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