About two weeks ago PAFOA staff had an internal conference call to see if we could come up with new ways to help address some of the issues that have been eating at the forum in the past few months.

As many of you saw, one of the ways was showing notices on posts that resulted in a a warning or an infraction which we hoped was one step in the direction of transparency.

One of the other pieces we decided to tackle was setting up an official channel through which people could file a complaint against staff members and an official process through which such complaints would be handled. While this was always possible, either through PAFOA's contact form or through a PM to me, it was never officially embraced or publicly explained.

Our hope is that by putting a slightly more structured system in place for dealing with such complaints, moderators and users alike will benefit.

So with that said, the thread discussing the process can be found in the Support & Suggestions forum over here:


This thread will remain open for discussion, but I ask that people not use this thread to make such complaints. If you have an issue you'd like to raise, please use the form as described.