Well i was just trying to get a group buy for some members of a cleanup crew for my tank at reefcleaners.org and nobody on the reefing forums lives in the york area so it wouldnt be worth it. but this is york county specific.

Reefbuilders.com has some really good prices on hermit crabs and snails, and other stuff. but hermit crabs require next day shipping and that is $28 their hermits cost $0.25/each and that fih place its $0.99/each and i wanted something like 30hermits and like 15-20 snails so it would be worth it even with the high shipping for just me to place this order on my own.

so i figured if anyone want to get in on this under my shipping i would be glad to let you do it. so you dont have to pay the high prices of local fish stores. they will be delivered to my office in york city then taken to my home in west york near biglots they can be picked up in either place. let me know what you want take a look at their website. i can keep the items in my tank till you can pick up also.