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    Default Problem with a streamlight TLR-2

    I have had a TLR-2 on my HD gun for about 2 years and just noticed a problem. Previously, the laser projected one clean dot on whatever you were aiming at. Now it looks fuzzy and is twice as big. I swapped it with some sort Q tip thing my wife had for her cameras and changed the batteries. Still does it. Anyone have any ideas what happened? Thanks.

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    Default Re: Problem with a streamlight TLR-2

    I find that if I shoot with the TLR-2 on it gets ALL KINDS OF DIRTY. Could it be the lens on the laser having powder residue on it?

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    Default Re: Problem with a streamlight TLR-2

    Just send it back to SL...SL is roughly 1.5 hours from Lancaster. Write a note as to the issue you are having. There are also walk in hours M-F from 7AM-5PM if you happen to be in the area.

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