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    Default I Love Warren County!

    I picked up a Walther P22 at a gun show last weekend and now I see that it is a favorite gun for suppressors due to its threaded barrel.

    So, I started poking around at the process (having no NFA experience) and see that this site is a wealth of information for completing this and I want to give everyone here kudos for such a great resource.

    So, I took my first baby step today and called the Warren County Sheriff's Department to see if they would sign off on a ATF Form 4. I left a message on a deputy's line and he called me back within 10 minutes to tell me that they absolutely do, and while it's not a routine occurrence, they've done it enough times before to have someone (Marcy, apparently) dedicated to reviewing it and summoning a higher-up to sign off on it.

    Great news, and it's great to live in a firearm friendly state, and an even more firearm friendly county! Another reason I am happy I left New York State last year.

    Now, off to find a (preferably local) FFL that will facilitate this...

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    Default Re: I Love Warren County!

    Congrats! Let us know how you make out when everything goes through.

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