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    Quote Originally Posted by NathanB View Post
    I’ve got a ballistic advantage barrel and so does a buddy. They are legit.
    I have a BA barrel on a 16" 5.56 middy I built and it definitely lives up to their sub moa guarantee. I'm hoping for a little better from the Grendel though. I see the results from Criterion, JP, Lilja barrels, etc. and that's what I had in mind for this build. BA is good but I don't know if they can hang with those guys. We'll see though. I have a feeling the weakest link is going to be the guy behind the trigger.
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    Sub moa is sub Moa. Thatís how I look at it. It is then definitely very shooter dependent. Iím just a brand whore. Hence the atlas bipod lol

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    All these sexy expensive builds getting put together and im just over here with a budget Del-Ton trying to figure out if I should drop the 20" HBAR for a 16" mid gas equivalent.
    Pics for reference


    Crude MS paint rendering:

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