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    Default 5 lessons learned from a deadly encounter with an "unarmed" subject

    In Waterloo, Iowa, a suspect is "unarmed" — but still very dangerous — in a textbook case for never underestimating a "weaponless" opponent.

    Bose and the man engaged in some discussion about his finding another place to stay. The man rejected that notion, saying he just wanted to go in the house and go to bed. With a curse, he started toward the side door. Bose put his left hand on the subject’s chest to stop him, and the night exploded.

    BAM!!! The man smashed his fist into Bose’s face. Momentarily dazed, the officer woozily grabbed him and tried to hip-toss him “but underestimated his size,” Ferguson says. The two went down on the driveway, Bose landing on his hands and knees, with his attacker partially on the officer’s back, grappling his head and neck. Bose struggled desperately to free himself but couldn’t. He said afterward the assailant threatened to kill him as they fought.

    Hearing the commotion, Sullivan rushed over from the porch and began hammering the atttacker on the head with his fists. The man “did not release his hold,” Ferguson says. Instead, he escalated the attack.

    “Somehow,” the prosecutor says, “he got a hand inside Bose’s left cheek” and started fish-hooking it. He pulled on it so hard that “he actually ripped the cheek away from where it attaches to the jawbone. Bose’s mouth started filling with blood.”

    With Sullivan continuing to strike him, the attacker moved his other hand to Bose’s face and pushed hard and relentlessly against his right eye, whipsawing the officer’s head as he simultaneously yanked on his cheek and gouged his eye. To Bose, it felt like his face was tearing apart and his eye popping out. He could scarcely breathe.
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    Default Re: 5 lessons learned from a deadly encounter with an "unarmed" subject

    A classic example of why cops - the ones who want to live long enough to retire anyway - can seem to be on edge or maybe even have an attitude. They never know exactly who they're dealing with, and letting their guard down can cost them dearly.

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    Default Re: 5 lessons learned from a deadly encounter with an "unarmed" subject

    The suspect’s family wasted no time rallying their forces against the police. On Sunday, dozens of friends and relatives gathered in downtown Waterloo to protest what they said was unjustified and excessive action by officers.

    “They shot an unarmed man twice,” his widow was quoted as saying. Her father complained, “They never said they were about to take him to the ground. They never warned him they were gonna’ ‘tase him and they never warned him they were about to shoot.”
    I guess he should've used his "words" to stop his cheek from being ripped off and eye being poked out.
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