In the fall I contacted the local 4-H extension office to find out where I could take my 10 yo tins for a shooting sports club. I was told that Lackawanna County would like to do shooting sports but they don't have any leaders. I have since submitted my application and received both background clearances required by 4-H all that's left for me to do is find a second adult and take the $125 +/- training in Wellsboro in April.

I have a few questions for you fine folks.

Would any of you like to co-lead or be an assistant leader with me? (i'm not sure if you would also need to be trained)

Do any of you have direct experience with Lack. Co. 4-H as a leader or registered adult?

I spoke to a few people and they told me to skip the 4-H part and just do an informal club or join up with a local range or hunting club.

Any thoughts?