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    Default Re: Gun Ranges/Shoothouses

    I didn't need a sponsor when I joined last year. Just handed in the application and a check. You get a receipt that allows you to use the ranges until your membership is formally voted on at the monthly meeting. Once approved you'll get a membership card in the mail.

    Like Mike said, no need to be a member to enjoy the organized shoots. But if you don't have a private range to practice on, the annual membership fee is quite inexpensive.

    I haven't gotten into too many of the rifle shoots yet, but the pistol shoots are friendly. There are shooters of all different skill levels, and no one is looking to make anyone else seem like an idiot.

    The practical pistol shoots are typically 4-5 stages that usually incorporate movement while firing, firing from various positions and from behind "cover". If you're just getting familiar with your handgun, the pin shoot may be a better starting place. You just stand still and try to blast the bowling pins off of the table. If you haven't tried it, it isn't always as easy as it sounds. The practical shoots are probably the best defensive scenario training you'll get for 5-10 bucks though.

    Now if you could just let me know your secret to getting your girlfriend into shooting with you. I've been unsuccessfully trying to get my wife into it for a couple of years now.

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    Default Re: Gun Ranges/Shoothouses

    i didnt need a sponsor either.

    iirc, its $20 yearly and a $5 initial payment of its your first time, although, there is a new stipulation in this years news letter, about an additional $10 fee if you do not contribute to work parties. but still at $30/yr if you dont help out its still well worth it, imo.

    if you havent tried it yet, come out next sunday apr 25 for the sniper shoot to get a feel for the club. you can bring ANY rifle, there will be a category fot it to fit in to.
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    Default Re: Gun Ranges/Shoothouses

    will be joining for next summer

    my guns have been collecting dust for too long

    just reloaded about 500 9mm last night with my Dillon 550

    friday i bought a remington 700 ADL varmint .22-250 on sale at Dicks for $450 with $40 mail in rebate

    need to find a nice scope for it

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