Hellertown Sportsmen's Association
Saturday, September 15, 2007
9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Do you have a carry permit? Keep a gun in your home or place of business for self-defense? Ever think of using your
sporting clays shotgun or deer rifle if you ever had an intruder in the home? Then this is a MUST ATTEND class for you!
Taught by a recognized authority in the field of defensive firearms training and the law, this 3-hour classroom session will not teach
you the misinformation you've heard from the guys at the local gunshop ("If he falls on the front porch, drag him inside" or "If
he doesn't have a weapon, put a steak knife from the kitchen in his hand"), but it will address the legal standards of justification for
use of deadly force in self-defense, duty to retreat, assessment of threat vs. distance, action vs. reaction, the purpose of shooting in
defense of self and others, selection of firearms and related equipment for self-defense, defense options (pepper spray, stun guns, etc.),
recommended tactics for self-defense in the home, covering "suspects" at gunpoint, dim light and threat assessment, what to do in the
immediate aftermath of a shooting, interfacing with the police, possibilities of prosecution and civil suit, and post-shooting trauma.
Classroom presentation will be supported by a short written handout. Q&A session will address your individual questions and
concerns. Participants will receive certificates of attendance.
About the Instructor: Emanuel Kapelsohn practices law with a firm in Allentown, and is a graduate of Yale University and Harvard
Law School. Certified as a firearms and use-of-force instructor by the NRA, FBI, Pennsylvania Municipal Police Officers Education
& Training Commission and others, he has trained over 15,000 police officers and instructors, federal agents, security and military
personnel and private individuals throughout the United States and abroad since 1980. Agencies for which he has trained firearms
instructors include the police departments of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Phoenix, Miami, Dallas, Seattle, Jacksonville, Washington
D.C., Toronto, Calgary, NY State Police, Louisiana State Police, Missouri Highway Patrol, Oregon State Police, BATF, and many
others. He is an instructor at the Allentown Police Academy, vice president of the International Association of Law Enforcement
Firearms Instructors and board member for over 20 years, former Technical Editor of Police Marksman magazine, author of over 100
published works in the firearms field, expert witness in cases involving firearms and use of force in state and federal courts throughout
the country, consultant to prosecutors and law enforcement agencies in high-profile police shootings, and occasional deputy sheriff.
Cost and Registration: Class size is limited. Course fee of $25.00 and registration form (below) must be sent in advance to guarantee
your place in the class. Questions? Call Paul or Susan Piscator at 610-847-5396 or Emanuel Kapelsohn at 610-706-4323.
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Registration form: Legal & Practical Aspects of Self-Defense with Firearms. Hellertown Sportsman's Association, September 15,
2007. 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
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Detach and mail this registration form, together with check for $25.00 per attendee, payable to "The Peregrine Corporation,"
to: Paul Piscator, 660 Lonely Cottage Drive, Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972. Registrations should be received by September 8,
2007 to guarantee your space in the class. If email address is provided, registration confirmation will be sent.