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    Default Another Isaac Walton League Fun Shoot!

    I am telling you....these guys are very committed to people having a good time at these fun shoots. It appears that they worked very hard and got a couple of the pits open in order to have this month's fun shoot at York IWL on this Saturday 02/27/10. For anyone who hasn't just have to make the time. Very entertaining and is not full blown competition. Keep score only if you like. I have met some of the best people at these and they continue to impress. Everyone should make some time to come out and support these guys who really 'put their money where their mouths are' when it comes to supporting the shooting sports.

    With that being said.....I may not make it this month. I made some commitments for the York Gun Show this weekend and I have to see how that goes before I get to go have some pistol fun at IWL.

    Here is a link for their pisol shoots. For those that are interested....they put on a heck of a USPSA shoot every month or so, too. I have never shot USPSA but these guys make me want to!
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    Default Re: Another Isaac Walton League Fun Shoot! shoot or York gun head is gonna explode, what a great way to end my week of vacation!
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    Default Re: Another Isaac Walton League Fun Shoot!

    I bought a new holster for this but being I have been sick I probably should not go. I can see it setting me back on this crap I have and I need to get over it. Last month was the first one I went to and it was great. I hate to miss this one since Gary worked so hard getting it all set up. Always next month I guess. I'm dying to try this holster I bought.

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