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    Default New Taurus 94 revolver FTF question

    Just picked up my new .22LR revolver and took it for a test drive yesterday. Put 9 rounds in the cylinder and had a couple of FTFs. Put in another batch of 9, same results. Lather rinse repeat ... a couple of FTFs almost every time.

    I kept all the "duds" together to try in my Ruger Single Six and all but one or two worked fine. (I wanted to try them in another revolver because my MKIII is also a picky eater.)

    I wondered if there is a break-in period for revolvers (never heard of this) or I got some bad ammo (my first thought) or the hammer is not hitting the primer hard enough?

    All the shells had dents in the rim, although very close to the edge, so it looks like maybe bad ammo. Will test this idea next range trip. All I had was 500 rds of brand new Remington with me.

    The trigger pull and cocking seemed pretty heavy for a .22 if that's any indication of how hard the hammer is hitting the rim.

    Otherwise my impression: Nicely made, good sights, holds 9 rds, accurate out of the box, comfortable in the hand. I like it!

    Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar problem with a revolver?

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    Default Re: New Taurus 94 revolver FTF question

    I saw some posts on the Taurus site, and they recommended that you detail strip the firing pin and spring as the factory sometimes loads them with grease for corrosion protection. If you did not want to strip, you can use gunscrubber, or brake cleaner and direct the spray in and around the firing pin to clean it then oil and retry. Might just be ammo related as you said.

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    Default Re: New Taurus 94 revolver FTF question

    I have more duds from Remington (especially their "Golden Bullets") than any other brand of .22LR. Usually the duds work if I rotate them a little and try them again so that the rim is hit in a different spot.

    You said you tried the duds in your Ruger Single Six and most fired. I would also try some "fresh" cartridges from that bunch of Remington in the Ruger, and see if you get about the same amount of first-strike duds.

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    Default Re: New Taurus 94 revolver FTF question

    i think since you had the same issue in the ruger it may be an ammo problem. i would give the taurus a good cleaning and also try several brands of ammo to see if the FTF's continue.

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