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    Default Springfield XD grip problems

    I finally managed to hit the range for the first time in awhile - I've been busy and poor recently, so my shooting time has suffered as a result. I took out my XD as well, for the first time in almost six months. I've been trying to work on my grip, and in the few live fire runs I've done with my Taurus, I've gotten quite a bit better at hitting the target. I've been following some of Todd Jarrett's instructions from a few online videos pertaining to grip - keeping both thumbs pointed toward the target and keeping my right hand thumb high on the frame. When I first tried this out with my XD, months ago, it failed to lock the slide back. I thought it was just due to the gun being dirty, and dismissed it.

    On my last visit, while focusing a lot more on shooting my XD (I really want to try my hand at IDPA with the XD, trying to get used to it) I found it happened on every magazine. I eventually discovered that my rather high thumb seemed to be resting on the slide catch just enough that it wouldn't engage the slide lock at the end of a magazine. I spent a few more mags fooling around with my grip - while I can get the gun to work reliably by shifting my thumb down, the grip required is downright uncomfortable, and my accuracy suffered. I suppose that this is a problem of the shooter being somewhat incompatible with his chosen gun. I'd still like to salvage my chances of using my XD for some occasional recreational action shooting, but I don't know if that will be possible.

    As I get to the end of this, I'm not quite sure why I wrote it - its somewhat of a rant, and somewhat of a call for help. I don't know if there's a part that I could throw at this problem to make it go away - perhaps a smaller slide stop that doesn't meet up quite so much with my thumb.
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    Default Re: Springfield XD grip problems

    Where your thumbs are should not effect where your bullets go. If they are, then you are applying lateral pressure with your shouldn't be.

    You can run your thumbs higher, or lower, until they are off of the slide stop.

    Just because Todd Jarrett said they should be straight doesn't mean they need to be.

    Or you can cut your slide stop down. Or you can get a different pistol. There really are not many more options than that.

    I have large hands, so I needed to experiment with my grip to find where I run the gun the best. It can take some time, but you'll get there.

    Worry about your accuracy first. That is ONLY trigger control and sight alignment. The rest only helps you do those two things easier/ faster.

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    Default Re: Springfield XD grip problems

    Thumbs don't touch the frame at all.


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