I live 5 minutes from here and had no idea the show was on this weekend.

Anyway, I was there for a few hours this morning. As others have reported in the past, nothing to write home about, but they were moving some guns. J&B had brought in a load of guns from a closed shop. It was strange, but most of the semi-auto handguns had no magazines. Some were older Walthers or HKs, but even the modern guns didn't have them. My guess is these were the "leftovers" of what the dealer figures he can sell in his shop. Typical gunshow crapola. Although, he did put out over a dozen NIB SIGs, Commerative Colts, etc. The prices weren't bad. Right around blue book. One guy walked up with his wife and bought 5 or 6 those pistols.

3 ammo vendors and prices were average.

Wolf primers, $135/5,000. That's not too bad.

I don't care that they are selling motorcycles, etc. , whatever pays the bills. But the downside is that there are so few gun dealers the gun display cases are mobbed. Maybe advertsing the show would entice more dealers.

Anyway, I got to chat with others from my club, picked up various 22s to test in my Model 41, and killed a few hours of a cold day.