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    Default New drill - might be useful to test all round skills

    On Saturday I was in one of the bays practising a number of drills. Most of these were on 3 targets, including single shots at 5 and ten yards, single and multiple shots per target from holstered, el presidente, shooting whilst moving and the ubiquitous emptying your magazine into the bad guys head.

    I don't have a shot timer, but thats probably a good thing as it means I could concentrate on placing shots, transitions etc, whilst gradually building up speed. also lots of dry runs of the same.

    Anyhow, I was trying to come up with a way to combine a lot of these into a semi-realistic scenario. I present it here for your delectation, delight and general amusement. It shall henceforth be known as 'The Thompson Drill No. 1, or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love The Gun'. The drill is designed to test target acquisition, shooting on the move and awareness of rounds used.

    3 IPSC Targets, low, medium, high in any order. Each between 0.5 and 1.5 yards apart. Entirely up to you. Two of the targets should be far enough apart for you to walk between them.

    Equipment: Your standard carry rig with enough reloads to make the round count.

    Total shots: 18.

    Course of fire: starting from or behind the target line, walk between or around the targets to approximately the 5 yard line. Turn. 2 shots per target. Whilst retreating, 4 more shots per target for a total of 6 per target, 18 in total. Reload as necessary. By the end of the drill you must be at least 15 yards away.

    Scoring: All shots are scored as follows
    Entire head: 5
    A: 5
    C: 3
    D: 2
    Misses: -5 (because you might have hit a bystander)

    -5 for each shot fired over the 18 count. This is to enforce that if you are going to lose track of how many shots you've fired, you better make them count.

    -1 for each yard inside of the 15 yard line at completion - you didn't make good your escape fast enough.

    No score modifications for rig type.

    Maximum possible score: 90

    I did it three times with scores of 72, 66, 61. Yes, I got worse each time I did it...

    For those with shot timers who want to make it more interesting...

    Novice: 20 second limit, -5 per shot thats over time
    Expert: 15 second limit, -5 per shot thats over time
    Master: 10 second limit, -5 per shot thats over time

    If timed, the buzzer goes somewhere around the 5 yard line (between 3 and 6 yards) i.e. you are moving when the buzzer goes.

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