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    Default Tactical Blade Seminar - Bram Frank



    Bram Frank

    Tactical Blade Seminar

    INPAX is proud to bring one of the most well decorated tactical weapons specialists in the world to Pittsburgh.

    Black Belt Magazine’s 2007 Weapons Instructor of the Year, Bram Frank is the founder of Common Sense Self- Defense/Street Combat and designer of what has been called “the most innovative tactical folder in the last 50 years” by the knife world ~ The Lapu Lapu Corto (LLC) the world’s first kinetic opening Full Force Continuum Tool; able to be used in the closed position as an impact or control tool or capable of being opened to a live blade simply by using the opponent’s energy.

    A Modern Arnis Protégé under Professor Remy Presas, Bram is an expert in Filipino Martial Arts and diverse styles ranging from Hung Gar Kung Fu to Jeet Kune Do. Bram has taught Special Forces & Counter Terror teams from the United States, Israel, Russia, Germany, and numerous other countries and serves as a chief weapons instructor for the S2 Institute, Israeli Anti-Terror IDF ISA, FLETC, U.S. Border Patrol and Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association. Bram has been inducted into several International Martial Arts Halls of Fame, and was recently awarded the title of “Father of Israeli Knife Combat” by the Prime Minister of Israel for his extensive work training Israeli military and law enforcement units. Bram is an extraordinary person and a superb instructor with a very practical approach toward weapons tactics. His method can rapidly be learned by anyone, of any background level.

    No prior training experience necessary

    WHEN: Saturday February 20th 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

    Sunday February 21st 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

    WHERE: Stick With It Fitness • 4848 William Flynn Highway • Allison Park • PA 15101

    TUITION: $299 (1-day) $499 (Both Days) - Military/Law Enforcement Discount $99 per day.

    Bring a friend and receive $50 off your tuition.

    Advanced Registration Only

    To Register Call 412.860.2228 or Email



    Copyright INPAX Personal Security Training & Consulting Group 2009 – All Rights Reserved

    P.O. Box 21, Allison Park, PA 15101 – 888.433.2040
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    Default Re: Tactical Blade Seminar - Bram Frank

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