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    Default Bullet jump,seating depth & powder charge ???

    In my quest for suitable round for my AR, I am diving into the uncharted waters of the infamous OAL/seating depth guage.

    But which comes first?
    Do you experiment with various powder charges then various OAL depths using a seating guage...or
    Do I adjust the seating depth first, maybe .15 to start then experiment with powder loads.

    I am using a Hornady seating depth/OAL guage & a Hornady comparator if that eases your minds. I will measuring at the ogive.
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    Default Re: Bullet jump,seating depth & powder charge ???

    In the AR you will need to make sure that your rounds will feed from the magazine. This will limit your OAL.

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    Default Re: Bullet jump,seating depth & powder charge ???

    BB has it right, there. If they won't feed, they are too long. However, there may be reason to have them a bit shorter, depending on where the cannelure is for the crimp, especially lighter bullets.

    Chamber pressure increases with deeper seating depth, generally speaking. That is, more of the base of the bullet extends into the cartridge case, thus reducing internal volume.

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    Default Re: Bullet jump,seating depth & powder charge ???

    I only load for my 1 of my ARs. But when I do, I load out to the largest OAL I can while still working well in my mags.

    I would suggest you start with the book's OAL. Work up a load where you have it grouping well, then start to adjust the OAL with what little adjustment that can be done considering the mag issue.

    When I am doing this I am loading 60gr+ projectiles

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