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    Default Alumagrips for PT1911

    Anyone use Alumagrips on your Taurus PT1911 ? Just bought a Ruger MKIII Target with checkered Aluminum grips and really like the look and feel of them and I'm looking to get a set for my PT1911. The Ruger has Hogue grips but a quick check on the Hogue website says trimming may be needed to fit PT1911.
    They don't list for ambi safety. That is probally why they need trimmed. I would like to get a "bolt on' set if I can. I always seem to go too far with the Dremel.
    Alumagrips can be ordered for ambi frame or ambi frame w/magwell for an extra $2.55. Anyone use them ? What about the grip screws ? Thanks !

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    Default Re: Alumagrips for PT1911

    I have a set on a Colt Commander,
    the checkering is quite sharp which affords a good grip.
    I do like them on this certian gun.

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    Default Re: Alumagrips for PT1911

    I love alumagrips.
    They can be ordered for ambi safety cut outs. If they list needing fit for the Taurus its prob because of some other dimensional issue with the grip.

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    Default Re: Alumagrips for PT1911

    Im getting a 1911 and I'm researching grips, these are on the top of my list because they offer a slim grip (which is why im still researching grips, I like 1911 grips on the slim side).

    I've shot both of Shawn's 1911's and those grips are BANGIN.

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    Default Re: Alumagrips for PT1911

    I have used them on several guns, and have smooth, slim Alumagrips on two Ed Brown Kobra Carry's now. I like them mostly because I am able to get a slim, bobtailed version with a USMC seal on them, but have found them neither better or worse than any other quality grips I have used.

    They have two drawbacks in my experience. First, you will need to find a way to secure your grip screws other than my just tightening them as you do with a wood grip. I use low strength Loctite (I use a high strength Loctite to secure the bushings). Some people have successfully used rubber bushings under the grip screws, but I have somehow broken two grip screws doing that.

    The other drawbacks is that the immediate contact between the aluminum in the grips and the steel in some guns will cause galvanic corrosion in an even moderately damp environment. Alumagrips sells slim plastic inserts (.005 inch) to be installed between the grip and the frame for about $2.50 a set. Buy them and use them.
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