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    Default Osprey Defense OPS-416 Gas Piston

    Does anyone here have any experience with the Osprey Defense drop in gas piston retro fit kit? If so, does it appear to be made of solid quality parts that will last? I am trying to decide between the Bushmaster gas piston conversion kit and the kit from Osprey Defense.

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    Default Re: Osprey Defense OPS-416 Gas Piston

    They seem to be getting pretty decent reviews. I don't have one myself, but am condsidering one for my SBR build if I don't go with a factory piston upper.

    There is a huge discussion on them over on arfcom under the piston ar forum. Hope it helps!

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    Default Re: Osprey Defense OPS-416 Gas Piston

    Never had or seen one, but read most of the reviews thus far... it's tops on my piston conversion list.

    I'll be getting one with the tax refund me thinks.

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