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    Default hmm... a new tool box...

    so, i was able to pick up a smaller top chest tool box for a great price... i decided its time to build a box for smithing my guns!!

    how many of you have smith specific boxes? what kind of odd tools do you have in them? so far i have very few gun specific tools, but i have a ton of extra stuff that i cna put in there without removing the usability of my roll away. punches, hammers and screwdrivers mostly. some feeler guages and drifts. a couple AR tools and some 1911 stuff. it will grow as time goes on and as i get more hands on with doing my own work...

    ill get a picture up soon, but lets see what you have!
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    Default Re: hmm... a new tool box...

    If you go to Brownells or get their catalog, they have specific tool kits for specific (and some general types) guns. You can compare to see what is common to them all. Most definitely you want a good set of hollow ground screwdrivers so that you don't mess up screw heads. Brownells even has a listing of their scredriver sizes and what guns they fit for easy reference. Different punches/drifts/hammers come with time and what you'll be working on. You need brass punches (non marring), long shaft punches, short shaft punches (that are use for the stubborn pins and not break easily), roll pin punches, cup point punches, etc. A good Dremel tool set also makes things easier at times. Jewlers files, hard Arkansas stones (in various shapes), if you're going to do your own trigger work. A set of magnifiers that you wear on your head and can flip up are good for the close up worik. This is just a few of the myriad of things you will ultimately own if you are going to work on your own guns.
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