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    Default JP Sauer revolver

    I just picked up a JP Sauer Silver Marshal 44mag revolver and would anybody have any info on these? It was imported into the USA by Hawes. Basically I'm looking for years made and model differences.
    I've seen Western Marshal but not the Silver Marshal.
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    Default Re: JP Sauer revolver

    The only thing I could find is the following:
    "..... single action and double action (including Medallion models) revolvers that have been imported, a generalized price range is as follows: centerfire single actions usually are in the $150 - $275 range, centerfire double actions are $175 - $295, while 22 rimfire models are typically valued between $60 - $140."

    Blue Book Of Gun Values, 28th Edition
    Hawes Firearms

    Under J.P.Sauer & Sohn Revolvers there was just a brief mention of .38 caliber double actions (mostly blued finish) 1960 - 1985 and valued at $125 - $275.

    Sorry I couldn't be of any more help, but with some persistent Googling you may find additional info.
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    Default Re: JP Sauer revolver


    The Hawes Silver Marshall (sometimes marketed as Silver City Marshall) made by J P Sauer was an upgraded Western Marshall with a nickel plated frame and (generally) more polished blueing on the rest of the parts. Hawes / Sauer Single-Actions were imported from 1971-72 to around 1982-83 or so, years might be off by one. It was about a 10-yr period, but they were advertised before being widely available, and were found in dealer cases after Hawes folded. The J P Sauer single actions have proven to be very well-made and durable single actions, and were also offered by Herters when they were still in business. Some models had 1860 Army grip frames, some had target sights.

    A listing of some of the names under which Hawes Firearms marketed the Sauer single actions:

    Hawes Sauer Western Marshall
    Hawes Sauer Montana Marshall
    Hawes Sauer Texas Mashall
    Hawes Sauer Silver Marshall
    Hawes Sauer Silver City Marshall
    Hawes Sauer Chief Marshall SA Target Revolver
    Hawes Sauer Federal Marshall

    and possibly others . . .

    Hawes / Sauer "Marshall" single actions are fairly true Colt 1873 clones and most parts for 1873s or clones will interchange with little or no fitting. Hawes / Sauer single actions are found on the secondary market from time to time and generally bring from $250 to $400 depending on model and condition. They have a "cult" following of sorts and are well-respected for their relatively good quality compared to some of the Italian Colt 1873 clones.

    Their .22 LR / .22 Mag version was known as the "Deputy Marshall."



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