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    Default Live out of state, possibly moving back.

    So, I currently live in Minnesota and have my Minnesota carry permit, but I am thinking of moving back to Pittsburgh. If I were to get a nonresident PA LTCF, could I then just transfer it to a resident LTCF with just an address change after moving back? Or would I have to completely reapply once I got my new PA driver's license? I'm just trying to figure out what course of action would be the smartest, since I would like the best of both worlds of being able to carry right when I move there and also of not having to spend the money for the permit twice. Also, if this move happens, it'll probably be in only a little over a month (Feb 1st is the goal). Do you think that's enough time to get my nonresident permit processed?

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    Default Re: Live out of state, possibly moving back.

    You'll have to re-apply.

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    Default Re: Live out of state, possibly moving back.

    PA doesn't issue "nonresident" licenses.. ..PA issues licenses to nonresidents.

    What residents and nonresidents get is the same license. If you get a PA LTCF as a nonresident, it will still be good when you move here until it expires. But it is probably a good idea to contact the issuing sheriff and notify him of a change of address so that you'll get your renewal notice at your new address in PA. Once in PA you will renew at the sheriff of the county in which you reside. The initial and renewal process is the same, except if/when you renew as a PA resident you wont have to show proof of issuance of the other state's license.
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