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    Default Legal age to buy handgun

    What is the legal age in PA to buy a handgun.
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    Default Re: Legal age to buy handgun

    21 by federal law.
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    Default Re: Legal age to buy handgun

    Quote Originally Posted by billamj View Post
    21 by federal law.
    only when purchasing from an FFL. You can have one transferred to you at 18 via private party sale, though since it has to go through an FFL and most of them don't know the law all that well....good luck with that.

    Easiest way to get a handgun at age 18 is to have your parents buy you one as a "gift"

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    Default Re: Legal age to buy handgun

    As I understand the law (if I'm incorrect please correct with chapter and verse):

    1. You can purchase and possess a handgun at age 21 (State and Federal law)

    2. You can own and possess a handgun at age 18 (no transfer required if a gift from parents or grandparents)

    3. You can own but not possess a handgun under 18 (no transfer required if a gift from parents or grandparents, or inheirated) unless accompanied by legal adult at a range, during hunting, etc.

    4. You can own and possess a handgun at age 18 if given as a gift (see #2) but a transfer is required if given by anyone else. If the 18 yr old is doing a private purchase (not buying OTC at a shop) this is still not allowed as it is a purchase and you have to be 21 to purchase. This is where it confuses many FFL's. It still confuses me so I will recheck the law tomorrow to make sure I am giving correct info.
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    Default Re: Legal age to buy handgun

    1. 21 to buy one from a FFL
    2a. 18 if given one from a parent or grandparent. no paperwork necessary
    2b. 18 if given from, or purchasing from, any other person who lawfully owns the handgun, BUT it must be transfered through a SHERIFF. FFL's can only use the instant background check for firearms that they have listed in their bound books - and for you to receive it from the FFL you must be 21. Since Sheriffs aren't required to do such - they may use the instant check required by PA law to do the transfer.**

    **See ATF Open Letter Below:
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