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    Default Best Concealed Holster for a 642 S&W 38 special

    I just got a 642 a couple weeks ago and I'm trying to figure out what the best, but not expensive, holster I can get for concealed carry. Any help from others who own this gun?

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    Default Re: Best Concealed Holster for a 642 S&W 38 special

    That's a personal choice.

    You need to decide on what type of carry, what type of retention, what material, and what price range.

    There are too many options out there to list, without knowing some specifics.

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    Default Re: Best Concealed Holster for a 642 S&W 38 special

    I tried the desantis superfly and a cheapie uncle mikes. both were pocket holsters. the destantis was nice enough and offered good protection of the trigger as well as retention. you really couldnt tell that i was pocket carrying in most situations. however, i intended to use my 642 for pocket carry only when i was running out of the house quickly or didnt have the wherwithall to get my IWB holster situated fopr my m&p. found out that most of the situations that i was going to pocket carry i was not wearing the appropriate clothing to carry comfortably. i ended up abandoning the idea and stick with my current rig

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    Default Re: Best Concealed Holster for a 642 S&W 38 special

    I just bought a Galco Cop Three Slot Belt Holsterfor my S&W 442 and really like it. $55.20

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    Default Re: Best Concealed Holster for a 642 S&W 38 special

    The DeSantis pocket holster (not sure of model) is a great way for deep concealment for the 642. Pants with a belt are preferred, and looser fitting.

    Check out thunderwear or "belly bands" if you want other deep concealment options. It takes some time to get at the revolver is these formats, yet it will rarely if ever be "outed" easily.

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    Default Re: Best Concealed Holster for a 642 S&W 38 special

    I use (uggh) a Desantis ankle rig for my 642. I know rule #2 is "Don't use an ankle holster" but it negates rule #1: "Bring a gun when going to a gunfight."
    It's great for driving, and hides very well under jeans, dress pants, and kahkis. When I wear cargo pants I've found the Desantis pocket holster works very well to break up the gun's profile in my pocket. I'm 5'9 165lbs so (Comfortable) IWB carry really isn't an option for me. When wearing a jacket/blazer an OWB belt holster suits fine, but to my above point I'm a smaller guy so it does mess up the cut of my jackets...My wife actually finds it easier for me to conceal my G19 so my 642 is mostly in the wife's purse.
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