Philippine National Police (PNP) to start processing gun licenses in August

PNP to start processing gun licenses in August
By Dennis Carcamo Updated July 14, 2009 09:41 AM

MANILA, Philippines -- The Philippine National Police (PNP) will start processing loose gun license applications and renewal on August 1.

PNP chief Director General Jesus Versoza said this will allow the PNP ample time to process the applications ahead of the effectivity of the 1-month general amnesty period for registration of loose firearms on October 1 to 31, 2009, as provided under Executive Order 817.

"We are starting early on to avoid the anticipated heavy volume of applications when the month-long general firearms amnesty comes into effect. By that time, we hope to be able process all applications and issue the updated firearm license cards," Versoza said.

The PNP expects to process at least 33,000 loose firearms in the first month of implementation of the National Firearms Control Program.

The PNP is targeting 3 percent monthly reduction in the country's estimated 1.1 million loose firearms, which are in the possession of threat groups, criminal elements, delinquent firearm owners and civilian gun holders.

EO 817 orders the implementation of a National Firearms Control Program. Under the same order, the PNP is tasked to conduct active police operations against unregistered firearms through random weapons checks in crime-prone areas; mobile checkpoint and chokepoint operations; intelligence build-up; internal security operations; application of search warrants; and dismantling of private armed groups.

Another component of the National Firearms Control Program is the legislative agenda that seeks a stiffer penalty for possession of high-powered firearms, particularly when offenders are known members of organized crime groups.

The Gun Control Program particularly seeks legislation that will make possession of three or more high-powered loose firearms a non-bailable offense.

EO 817 provides for a general amnesty for the registration of loose firearms including firearm covered by licenses that have not been renewed by its delinquent owners.

Senior Superintendent Leonardo Espina, PNP spokesman, said some 500,000 holders of firearms with expired licenses may avail of this general amnesty to renew the validity of their firearm licenses waived of penalties and surcharges.

The National Headquarters has provided local police units with a list of firearm holders with expired licenses, ordering them to remind these individuals to update their firearms records.

Local PNP units will issue notices to these individuals reminding them to renew expired firearms licenses to avoid conflict with the law.

Firearm license renewal requires the licensee to fill-out the appropriate form with updated information, stencil and photo of the firearm.

The license renewal fee is P650 for handguns, shotguns and low-powered rifles, Espina explained.

Holders of loose firearms who wish to avail of the amnesty offer are required to submit the gun for ballistics examination at the local police provincial office after securing a permit to transport (PTT) firearms from the municipal or city police station.

Application forms are available at all municipal, provincial and regional PNP offices nationwide. Forms may also be downloaded at

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