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    Default Keifer's gun shop

    located in Pine Grove, Pa.

    You can't get a straight answer from him on weapons for sale. Tried to purchase a rifle that was on consynment three time's, I am still waiting for the price. I made two offers and he could never find the phone # of the owner.

    H. E. Newman Jr

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    Default Re: Keifer's gun shop

    Keifers is a great shop if you go there when its NOT busy. Its not that they don't want your business, they just get flooded with all the regular customers, and the kool aide drinkers who like to visit / talk about life, and window shop. I do wish some people would take the time to step aside in that place and realize there are those who wish to buy, instead of looking at every pistol they have and then make no purchase. I been in there quite a bit, and its always the same 3 - 4 people doing this type of thing.


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    Default Re: Keifer's gun shop

    Keefers is a great shop but you do defiantly need to have some time on your hands. Very fair prices and quite the array of everything under the sun. Don't know that I have ever been there when it wasn't busy though. It is an excellent country shop and Dave a really friendly and helpful person.

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