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    Default U.S. made 55 - gr. FMJ .223 Ammo (made by a Department of Defense contractor)

    I saw this on It's listed as being made by a Department of Defense contractor. Someone mentioned that it's manufactured by Centurion Ordnance, Inc. Does anyone know much about it? It's relatively inexpensive given the current market. Here's the link:


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    Default Re: U.S. made 55 - gr. FMJ .223 Ammo (made by a Department of Defense contractor)

    I recently bought some and it seems decent.
    Haven't had a chance to shoot at an outdoor range, but it seems much cleaner than the Wolf I have.
    I plan on comparing it to the PPU and Federal M193 to see how it stacks up.

    It's about $35 cheap here

    You're welcome

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    Default Re: U.S. made 55 - gr. FMJ .223 Ammo (made by a Department of Defense contractor)

    ATG is a little cheaper than AIM, but ATG has been raping on prices. With shipping, I would go with AIM for only a couple bucks more.

    DOD Contractor - it is not made by anyone who makes small arms ammo for DOD. I believe the word on the street is that it is made by a company that makes naval flares and countermeasures. It is NOT M193, even though it says it on the case head, it is .223. Most of the people on arfcom have found it to be accurate and they tend to like it.

    I'm not sure Centurian makes anything. They market ammo made by various companies. If I needed .223 brass plinking ammo right now I would buy it. Can't beat the price.

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