I haven't used this for years (have a nice gas smoker I use instead). I just pulled it out of the corner where it had been sitting and cleaned it up for sale.

These run $200 new, and if you look for reviews, you will see some highly recommended modifications for smoking.....

This has the modifications done!!

Comes with:
Silver Smoker (good shape, just hit it with BBQ paint), a few minor things (missing some nuts that hold the work area slats down is the biggest one).
Cover (dirty from sitting in the corner of my patio for a long while.

The modifications:
Add a heat shield inside (done), so you don't get the food nearest to the firebox to overheat from the direct heat.
Add a Chimney extension (done), so the hot air flows over the food instead of along the top of the cooking chamber.
Add a thermometer to the lid with a longer probe to show the temp at the food level (done).

And, finally....a propane (takes a small, camping style) bottle burner to ignite the charcoal....MMMMMMMUUUUUCCCCHHHHH nicer than having to use lighter fluid/newspaper or a separate chimney!!

You can also use it as a small charcoal grill (using the firebox with the grate over the area where the coals sit....or a LARGE charcoal grill by setting it up with the charcoal in the larger area (there are small grates on the bottom to have the charcoal sit, and grill the food above it on the racks you normally use for smoking). Works well as any of the cookers...smoker, small or large grill.

Looking for $75 OBO.

Not a bad setup...you can compete with this (can't do it with a gas smoker).

Considering what Ribs go for in restaurants, you can pay for this with one full load!!

Picture makes it look dirty...that was just the new BBQ Black paint drying..