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    Default Feedback Posting Rules And Standards - READ BEFORE POSTING!

    For organizational purposes this is how I'd like this forum to work.

    There should only be one thread per user being given feedback. For example, Joe buys a gun from Jim, after their transaction is completed both Jim and Joe should check to see if there is already a feedback thread for the other person. If there is they should reply to the original thread with their own experience, if one can not find a thread for the user they want to leave feedback for, only then should they create a new thread.

    Tip: Use the "Search This Forum" feature to see if the user has any previous feedback.

    If you are creating a new thread for a user that has no previous feedback the subject of the thread should be simply the user's username, nothing else. Do not include your experience with them (good or bad) because other users will add to their feedback in later deals which may be different from yours. Also, no +1's, A+ or anything like that in the subject line...just the user's name.

    Lastly, do not post discussions in feedback threads the only posts in this forum should be giving a thumbs up or a thumbs down to another person.

    This format will make it much easier to find all feedback about a specific user in a concise, organized manner.
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