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    Default Storing Shotgun Shells

    Hi All,

    Just bought my 1st shotgun, a Mossberg 500 series - 12 gauge, and was wondering if shotgun shells store as well as other types of ammunition?

    I realize that the most important thing is to keep them dry, but is there a typical shelf life?

    Should I be storing the shells in a particular fashion?


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    Default Re: Storing Shotgun Shells

    I just keep them in a big ammo can.

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    Default Re: Storing Shotgun Shells

    Quote Originally Posted by jmiro View Post
    I just keep them in a big ammo can.
    Ditto, "Fat 50" cans for my shotgun shells. Get one with good seals and they'll do fine for ya
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    Default Re: Storing Shotgun Shells

    If you treat them like any other ammo (no temperature extremes, no high humidity) they will last for a good long time.
    Ron USAF Ret E-8 FFL01/SOT3 NRA Benefactor Member

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    Default Re: Storing Shotgun Shells

    It's kinda funny, my old man keeps all of his ammo in a cardboard box in his musty dank basement, and I've liberated a few moldy boxes of shell that fired with no problem. He's the guy who's getting close to finishing off that second musty box of 32 Win special that he bought 30 years ago, and can't understand why his hunting buddies nicknamed him "Click".

    I've also come across a few boxes of mixed shells(mostly Ted Williams and Peters) at my grandfathers house since he passed. How long has it been since Ted Williams stuff was made? Still fired just fine, but they were kept dry.

    Take care of your shot shells as you would any other ammo. Ammo can, and a desiccant pack, and you should be fine... or throw 'em in a cardboard box in a swampy basement.

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