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    Default Re: Minor Rules/Infractions Changes

    Quote Originally Posted by JayBell View Post
    I'm not speaking for Dan here, but for my own part, i say...

    LOL... SRSLY? after having worked many years in an ISO regulated office... all I can say is nope... thats a LOT of work for 0% reward.. the data would have to be culled post by post from our infractions report forum, and other staff related forums. Any records kept are strictly informal, as this isn't a reporting requirements busines, but a internet messaging board
    Well, quality systems are only as productive as what you make of them. They have to be driven and flowed down from the top. If you feel like it's adding "work" to your business or activity, then you're not using the system correctly - "as a tool". You're later comment about maybe implementing this process when the site started is probably accurate; likely it's overkill now. Makes sense.
    Quote Originally Posted by JayBell View Post
    I'm not being mean here, but... honestly, I'm gonna guess that the 99.999% of the folks here probably don't care about what folks got in trouble for... all that really matters is that generally, folks should realize that text does not convey the visual and audible nuances of a verbal face to face communication, so react accordingly when reading something you may disagree with... use emoticons when possible, it's what they were invented for.

    add to that "treat others as you would have yourself treated" along with "dont say anything in text that would get your ass beat down if you said it to someones face" and you've got some good rules to live by

    your idea is interesting, but its really something that should have been started when the site opened, as opposed to 3 years and 14K+ members worth of records later.

    Mods are an unpaid position, and I cant thik of any one of us, Mods or Admin that would be remotely interested in siting down and wasting hours on such a project.

    and on that, aside from the HUGE amount of spammers that we've banned, I'm going to offhand say that there have been less than 30 participating members banned permanently for cause.

    for cause is generally:
    excessive trolling
    sock puppetry
    personal attacks and harassment
    illegal activity
    total refusal to abide by any forum rules

    less than 30 from 14K+ members ... I'd say the staff and mods here are more than evenhanded... and this comes from me having almost 10 years of mod work on another, MUCH more "wild west style" board, BEFORE this site even opened.
    Quote Originally Posted by RocketFoot View Post
    What he said...LOL

    Plus the endless supply of members (new and old) that don't seem to understand the Classified 3 Day Bump Rule! Those actions would fill up an .XLS doc in its self!

    For the most part, this is one of the best group of people I've ever had the pleasure to know. There are only a select few bad apples in the bunch...eventually, they come to the top of the pile and get weeded out!

    Well, I accept all of your viewpoints on the suggestion as valid and fair. I had developed the thought, so I wanted to be equitable and share it for discussion. Thanks for the feedback...

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    Default Re: Minor Rules/Infractions Changes

    Quote Originally Posted by ScaredOnce View Post

    Well, I accept all of your viewpoints on the suggestion as valid and fair. I had developed the thought, so I wanted to be equitable and share it for discussion. Thanks for the feedback...

    Well, dont get me wrong, ISO is a great for a BUSINESS, but frankly after having to deal with it for so many years, i dont see its applicability to an endeavor such as this... a web message board

    if we all had to report to someone about the activity here, that would be different, but we dont.
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    Default Re: Minor Rules/Infractions Changes

    Pretty much what Jay said, while it would be real nice in a perfect world to have some nice, clean, reliable reporting system for all sorts of things, the time involved simply isn't worth it.

    I personally barely have enough time to do anything these days, let alone add in another reporting system.
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    Default Re: Minor Rules/Infractions Changes

    Whooo Hoooo Happy Happy Joy Joy.................. I'm sure it will help.
    " The Seeds of Oppression Will One Day Bear The Fruit of Rebellion."

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    Default Re: Minor Rules/Infractions Changes

    I used to frequent another forum where the moderators would demean and condesend when someone would ask a question they deamed "stupid". They haved evolved from moderators to goderators. If you had a different point of view than they have they wouldn't even show your post. I am no expert but I have more than average knowledge of some aspects of firearms and shooting. There are people that know little and want to sincerely ask questions others think are common knowledge. We must promote safe gun ownership by helping and encouraging those that want to learn, and not go on post after post making fun or ridiculing their lack of knowledge. People that are treated as this forum treats them feel welcome and know there is no such thing as a stupid question but the one that isn't asked.

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    Default Re: Minor Rules/Infractions Changes

    Quote Originally Posted by danp View Post
    Due to the fact that there seem to be an increasing (but still small) amount of adults who want to behave like children on the forum and seem to have the inability to debate and discuss civilly we have made some modifications to the rules.

    The infraction for Harassment: Excessive Personal Attacks is now worth 10 points, this means that receiving it will result in an instant 1 day ban. If you can't cool your head and treat your fellow forum members with a basic level respect, we will assist you in taking a break.

    We have created a new infraction: Trolling: Instigation. We've seen an increase as of late in people who seem to have no useful value on the forum except to act like idiots and rile people up. This infraction is also worth 10 points and will result in an immediate 1 day ban.

    Please keep in mind that even though these infractions individually only result in a 1 day ban, they stick with you for 30 days, so coming back the day your ban expires and getting another one will then result in a 1 week ban.

    The beauty of this is, it will probably affect very, very few people since 99% of our members seem to be able to conduct themselves as mature adults. This is targeted at the 1% who seem unable or unwilling to do so and in turn drag everyone else down to their level.

    Happy foruming.
    I like it!

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    Default Re: Minor Rules/Infractions Changes

    Quote Originally Posted by dteed4094 View Post
    there is no such thing as a stupid question but the one that isn't asked.

    That sounds like a quote right out of my Instructor School in the Navy.
    USNRET '61-'81

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