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    Default Question for Beaver Co. members

    My father mentioned that my 70 yo stepmother would like to have a handgun for personal defense when she travels solo. I'm looking for suggestions on where to direct my father for a club or range that rents handguns so she can possibly try out a few. They live approximately between Beaver Falls and Ellwood City which would give them a range of travel approximately from Monaca to New Castle.

    Also, any suggestions on something relatively inexpensive with very low recoil? She's REALLY petite. I think something like a KelTec P3AT would even be too much for her. I've never fired the P32. I'm thinking that .32 may be about the largest caliber she could tolerate.

    If any members are even looking to sell something that might fit the bill, please PM me and I'll see if they're interested.

    "How feeble is the mindset to accept defenselessnes."

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    Default Re: Question for Beaver Co. members

    there are lots of clubs that would offer shooting, but none around here that I know of that would rent weapons. Beaver valley rifle and pistol offer classes continously, so they would be the best bet.

    a 70 year old grandma starting out with a semi auto -- I'd look at one of the lady size 38 revolvers -- charter arms are relatively inexpensive.

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    Default Re: Question for Beaver Co. members

    +1 on the small revolver / snubnose suggestion as it follows the KISS principle.

    Charter Arms or Taurus offerings would be ideal and cost effective.

    A snubnose in 38 Special is the way to go:
    -- you have inexpensive load options for practice and defense varying from mild to wild
    -- 38sp is often competitively priced or less expensive than the 32 cal offerings
    -- seldom any real gain in terminal performance moving up to 357 Magnum in that short of a barrel

    You may wish to compare "light" vs. "steel" frame options.
    I find that for many, the Taurus mdl 85 UL (Ultra Lite) is the best of both worlds: not as heavy as steel, not as light (or expensive) as Titanium.

    As most women, especially of this age group, tend to carry "Off Body" rather than "On Body" using a holster, sticking with the heavier steel frame if it imparts less felt recoil may be a good idea.

    Remember, treat the purchase as part of a system as well all do (many without noticing it).
    "Our" common system includes the firearm, holster, a "stable" belt, spare mag / speedloader pouches, cell phone, OC / Pepper Spray, etc ...

    For this lady, reasonably priced purses from such manufacturers as Triple K (around $45-60) may be an attractive option.
    It is often a good idea to have an "inner" pouch or clutch with essentials that can be removed when she must enter an area the prohibits firearms (example: US Post Office) so that the "outer shell" purse and her firearm can be secured in a car trunk or similar without ever exposing it to secure it.

    It goes without saying to pursue an LTCF or other concealed carry permit(s) appropriate to her state of residence / areas of travel - interest.

    Include some formal training, even if modest, such as NRA First Steps Pistol, for both firearm familiarity and to help limit liability (proof of training can be a great liability shield).

    Lastly, this is an older person long set in their ways.
    Be certain to have her perform a daily safety inspection and to handle the firearm, not merely leave it in a concealed carry purse full time.
    -- I've seen candy, change, eybrow pencils, etc ... stuck in the barrel, action, mag well / cylinder - frame gap, etc ... of various revolvers / pistols carried haphazardly
    -- "out of sight, out of mind", she'd be at risk to "forget" she was carrying and enter a prohibited area.

    hope this helps ...

    NRA Certified Instructor / PA State Constable

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