Upper Adams Fish and Game Running Deer Shoot winter season starts on January 10, we shoot every other Saturday until March 21. These shoots are a lot of fun. It is a competition, but it is very low-key. For most shooters, it is more about shooting against their own scores and improving themselves. The shoots start at 11:30 but we sign up shooters until the slow run stage is complete (if you show up by 1:00, you should be safe). If you get there after the slow run, they may still be able to squeeze you in too. I attached the rules below, if you have any questions, post them here or PM me. I believe the fee is $5 for the first gun and $3 for each additional gun. I may be off by a dollar or so, but it's close.
Only the shooter and the On Deck shooter will be permitted in the shooting area / back porch.

All shooters are required to wear eye and ear protection.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the club property. The club is dry with the exception of spring social, aka 'feed' night. Firearms and alcohol or drugs don't mix!

Do not fire until the running target has emerged from the bunker and has passed the orange (first) post.

Do not load any guns in the building. Guns are to be loaded only when the shooter is in the firing area. A loaded clip or magazine inserted into a firearm constitutes a loaded firearm. Any minor repairs or jams where a loaded cartridge is in a gun must be done outside the building, muzzle pointed in a safe direction.

Pistol shooters must not load and holster their firearm. Pistols are to be loaded only when the shooter is stationed within the firing area. Eject all empties before leaving the firing area.

The Range and Club Officers decisions and interpretations are final. These rules may be clarified or modified at the discretion of the Officers. It is the responsibility of each shooter to sincerely cooperate with the range officer in the effort to conduct a safe, efficient match. Shooters should promptly call the attention of range officers to any infraction of rules of safety or good sportsmanship. Anyone whose actions are considered unsafe, belligerent, reckless or argumentative may be barred from participation by the club officers.

Any centerfire rifle or pistol legal for deer in Pennsylvania is allowed. Scopes of any magnification are permited for classes 1,2 and 3 in the deer and elk events. Class 6 for deer and elk events are for iron sights. Peep sights are permitted. Class 5 (pistol) will be iron sights only.

For Elk events, only 25 caliber or larger rifles are permitted. Pistols or shotguns are not permitted. Autoloading rifles are permitted in the elk event.

No spotting scopes, spotter or coaches assisting the shooter will be permitted. No butt hooks or palm-rests. Rifles may have slings attached and used by the shooter. Gloves may be worn which do not form an artificial support. Shooting vests, recoil pads or shooting coats are permitted. Release triggers are prohibited. Shotguns are prohibited.

Each shooter must use the same firearm for all 3 rounds, slow speed, standing and fast speed in the deer event. If a shooter's firearm is broken, the range officer may permit substitution. If shooting for no score, you must shoot for score before any practice rounds.

Range Control
Shooters will be assigned an identification number at registration. This number and/or their name will be called over the public adddress system to alert the shooter when they are next to fire, aka On Deck. When a shooter is called On Deck, they should gather their firearm, ammunition and eye and ear protection and preceed to the particular shooting station. When the previous shooter has completed shooting, the On Deck shooter should take their position, load their firearm and be ready to commence firing. The target will be presented to the shooter when the range officer sees the shooter is ready in the shooting station. No advance warning will be given. After the allotted shots are fired, the shooter should verify the firearm is unloaded, police the brass and return to the building.

Course of Fire
Running Deer event will fire four shots at each of 3 targets, a slow run deer, a standing deer and a fast run deer. Elk event will fire 5 shots at a standing elk.

There will be no alibies! The running deer will not be stopped for gun jams, misfires or lack of time. You must attempt to fire 4 shots (or as many as you can) before the deer target reaches the next to last track post. For any shots fired before the target passes the orange first post, or as the target is returned to the bunker, the shooter will be penalized the shot(s) of highest value for that round.

There is no time limit on the standing deer or elk target, however, in the interest of good sportsmanship, shooters are encouraged to fire their shots in a reasonable amount of time.

Red Rooster Match
The Red Rooster is a novelity match at the Running Deer/Elk shoots where one shooter per match is picked by chance to take one shot at a silhouette target. If the target is knocked over, they win a portion of the pot. Entry fee will be charged. Shooter may enter as many times as they wish. As the pot gets larger, shooters may want to enter multiple times to increase their odds of their number being picked to shoot for the pot. Shooter is picked by drawing tickets from the bowl. At each Running Deer / Elk match, one shooter is selected from the tickets in the bowl. That shooter gets one shot at the silhouette target. Participants are not required to have signed up to shoot either Running Deer or Elk. They can sign up to shoot the Red Rooster only if they wish.
If the target is knocked to the ground (same rule as NRA Silhouette), the shooter wins a percentage of the pot. Next week pot starts at zero. For the last match, either Spring or Fall, if the shooter picked doesn't knock over the target, additional shooters are drawn from the bowl, until someone downs the target. This simplifies things, as the pot doesn't need to be kept from one season to the next.

Same rules as Elk target, .25 Cal or larger, Centerfire, any sights. Does not have to be the same gun as the shooter used on Elk, but it must be legal for the Elk match. Scope magnification limited to 10x. Variable scopes higher than 10x can be used, but must be set and verified at 10x. The rooster match will be shot immediately after the last Elk shooter.