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    Default Utah CFP training

    9am to approx 1pm

    Training will be held at the Langhorne Rod and Gun club and includes fingerprint cards and notary.

    Guns are welcome, but the classroom is cold.

    Do bring coffee/soda as your addictions may mandate, a light snack may be helpful as well.

    Utah CFP application

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    Default Re: Utah CFP training

    Hey folks, sorry to weigh in late but school and work have been dogging me.

    Thanks to Dave we are all set for Saturday December 13. I have a fingerprinting guy coming in the morning, Notary services are right around the corner at the UPS Store (you can do passport photos there as well).

    In the future, if someone needs a course shoot me a note ( and I'll secure classroom/range time at either Hellertown or Langhorne. There's really no minimum class size required, when we announce a class folks tend to jump in.

    I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow morning.

    I may be out of the Marine Corps but the Marine Corps is in me for life.

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