OK Guys and Gals -

Here's the scoop. On September 23rd the annual NRA banquet will be held at the Holiday Inn near the old airport. This is a BLAST that too few people know about. The food is GREAT, the people are OUTSTANDING, and you can win GUNS and other stuff. But the real deal is this; if WE don't show up we are not doing our duty to our 2nd Amendment rights and we will all, sooner or later, lose our rights to do what we all like to do so much!

It costs the same as a dinner out at a mid-price restaurant, about $40.00 a person, and the money goes to support YOUR right to shoot, hunt, and generally enjoy firearms. It also funds all of the programs that supports our traditions for our kids and grand-kids, keeps the government on the straight and narrow, and makes sure that we ALL will have the right to remain armed and free forever!

If all that - having a good meal, meeting other like minded shooters and hunters, and maybe winning a great new gun isn't worth a couple of bucks once a year I don't know what is!

PLEASE put this Annual NRA Banquet on your calendar today - tell all your shooting and hunting buddies to get their calendar clear for that date - and come out an join all of the other hundreds of guys and gals who will be having a heck of a good time while supporting the ONLY organization that supports our 2nd Amendment rights.

Bring your wife, kids, friends, and non-NRA members. They need to see for themselves how much fun they can have with a couple of hundred NRA members!

Terry Riebling