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    Default What can you tell me about a Colt Frontier Six-Shooter?

    I have a COLT FRONTIER SIX SHOOTER, I think it is 44 Cal. It's is 147211
    This gun has been in my family all my life (65yr.) and in that time it has never been fired. It's condition is very good, 100%blue. I have been led to belive it could worth quite a bit. Do you have any information that might help me?

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    Default Re: What can you tell me?

    Call Colt for your best chance at getting the real scoop on the six-shooter Villages1401. I'm sure they would like to hear from you and hear all about your gun.


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    Default Re: What can you tell me?

    I can tell you to have it looked at by more than one trusted gunsmith/shop owner for a price.

    Your "Six Shooter" was the Single Action Army revolver chambered for .44-40 to match ammo with Winchester's lever rifle.

    .44 is the bullet caliber, 40 is 40 grains of black powder. 44-40.

    Yes, these gun will bring a rather good price. I would not even throw out a number without seeing it.

    With that serial number...I'm guessing that fine Colt left the factory sometime in the mid 1890's.

    Have it looked at by a few collectors for a price..and PLEASE HANG ON TO IT!!!

    Colt will do a history check on it for you for a fee. I think it would be well worth it to have paperwork from Colt showing history of this gun.

    You my friend have a great old Colt.

    Treat her like a queen.

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    Default Re: What can you tell me about a Colt Frontier Six-Shooter?

    Your Colt is a first generation Single Action Army. Built between 1890-1896. There are many things to look for: such as, the two line patent date, circled rampant colt on the frame. Barrel length may play a part in the value. Does it have wood grips or the one-piece eagle grips? Original box adds about 25% to the value if you have it. Any special provenence will increase the value.
    Your pistol runs the spectrum from about $2200.00 for a 10% specimen to possibly in the $20,000 range for a 100% specimen.
    My advise is stay away from most of the local shops, they will try and steal it from you.
    Contact an expert; Doug Turnbull would be a good person to contact 585-657-6338. You can call Colt for a 1st generation gun and they will research for a premium, or you can write a check to COLT HISTORIAN, PO BOX 1868, HARTFORD, CT 06144-1868. Fee for the phone search is/was $150.00, fee for the other is/was $100. Please note if the pistol can be researched a Colt letter will be sent to you. This will insure the value of the gun.It is guestimated that over 1/2 the pre-war SSA Colts are no longer original.
    Be careful in your research and by all means do not shoot the pistol.
    Good luck,

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