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    Default Re: PA Counties locked down

    Quote Originally Posted by RockIsland View Post
    Yes but it was Henry Kane's death cult that was the real problem.

    Umm.. haven't seen the good Reverend in about 30 plus years. It just freaked the living you know what out of me. Hoping no door to door salesman come my way today!
    My GGG Grandpappy,front row (20th NC, Co. F.) and Family Circa 1900.

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    Default Re: PA Counties locked down

    Like most other politicized subjects, I doubt the Crisis of Panic we've been enduring will open the eyes of those who choose not to see. In order to 'open your eyes' you need to get some perspective. To do that these days, using the media, you have to really work to find the True Facts in the manure that they produce.

    For some perspective on Death - These are statistics related to just Communicable Diseases:

    Worldwide Deaths Triggered By Communicable Diseases

    Rank ........ Disease ... # of Deaths
    . 1 ...... Tuberculosis .. 1,500,000
    . 2 ...... HIV/AIDS ...... 1,200,000
    . 3 ...... Hepatitis C ..... 500,000
    . 4 ...... Malaria ......... 438,000
    . 5 ...... Cholera ......... 142,000
    . 6 ...... Measles ......... 115,000

    Death is all around us every day - but we have resigned ourselves to its ubiquitous nature. This DOES NOT mean that each death (life that is) is not important and meaningful - But it points out that taking extreme measures to prevent death is a losing battle. Deaths are as much a part of life as births. Some come with living in an imperfect world, some are slowly implemented by the choices we make. Because each life is important, we should take personal steps to preserve the lives of our loved ones and our self thru good healthful living. But it is a sign of the 'me-victim social order' that people presume that others ought to give up their life and livelihood (even be coerced to do so) to obtain extraordinary measures to address a health crisis for themselves or their loved ones.

    I believe in compassion and support for others, willingly given - not mandated.

    Here is another truth slipping out into public view:

    In short, all of the routine, run-of-the-mill emergencies that community hospitals see every day dropped drastically. “So, we saw the foot traffic even in the Emergency Department fall off by as much as 70% of what we would normally see in a day,” he said.

    Washington County, located south of the city of Pittsburgh, so far has seen 40 cases and zero deaths in the suburban/rural/blue-collar mix county — the Washington Healthcare System has 262 beds in the county proper, with an additional 49 in their Greene County facility where 11 cases have been reported.
    This hospital (and others in similar circumstances) is not being overwhelmed with coronavirus patients. Notice it mentions 40 cases which is the number for all of Washington County - and the statistics say that only 10% of all positive cases are hospitalized - Meaning, it's likely that that ONLY 4 CASES are (or were) in the hospital. For a capacity of 262 beds, 4 additional cases should never overwhelm that facility!

    (That does not mean that NYC is not overwhelmed - but it means other places should not be treated as though they are NYC!)

    Here are two competing headlines at the Drudge Report. The 'facts' the headlines imply simply cannot be true. Is the majority of people still driving around or are most people staying home? The likely answer is that most people are staying at home when they're not going somewhere - Duh! In this case, the mandated actions seem to have penalized 50% of the industries (mostly small entrepreneurs) while the other 50% are active and functioning.

    Those who were self-reliant, taking care of themselves and their families thru hard work, were mandated to stop that! The essential jobs are those where you rely on Government and Big Business for your income. Remember, now, the government has promised to pay people to stay home. Are the 50% still working getting paid as well?

    Despite stay-at-home orders, 6 out of 10 are on roads

    In California, where a stay-at-home order took effect March 19, daily trips statewide remain at 58% of normal levels, according to Wejo, a British company that collects data from sensors in some passenger vehicles.

    On Wednesday - two days after the District of Columbia, Virginia and Maryland enacted stay-at-home orders - daily car trips in the region remained at 51% of normal in D.C., 53% in Maryland and 59% in Virginia, according to Wejo, which does not include trucks or other commercial vehicles.

    Most Americans will stay home this month even if lockdown lifted: poll

    While 87% of the American public is staying home — regardless of whether or not it’s mandated by state or local municipalities — most plan on continuing to do so for all of April, according to the poll taken by the Huffington Post/YouGov survey.

    Truth is hard to come by when LYING IS SO SUCCESSFUL at its goals.

    Edit to Repeat:
    Quote Originally Posted by ImminentDanger View Post
    After the hysterical damage is done, people will decide they have to go on and live with the risk it represents. They will take reasonable precautions and get on with their lives. Which is exactly what they should have decided at the start of this whole unnecessary panic.

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