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    Question Beretta 92 Series Optics Mounting

    Does anyone have experience mounting an optic on a Beretta 92 series pistol?
    If so, how or what did you use to mount the optic? What optic did you use? And did it work well?

    I have a Beretta 92A1 that I would like to use as a USPSA Carry Optics gun. Iím looking into the dovetail mounting plates, and hoping to get feedback on the best option. I have not yet settled on what optic I am going to use but it will be on the low end of the price scale for now. Iím still new to competition and optics period.

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Default Re: Beretta 92 Series Optics Mounting

    From my quick search, it looks like your options are all things that replace the rear sight and likely leave your optic unnaturally high off of the slide.
    I'm a big fan of the Beretta 92fs, but i accept it has some limitations.
    If your intent is to get into competitive shooting with optics, why not do yourself a favor and get a gun that is optics ready or that has tried and true optics mounting options?


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