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    Default Will Texas become the next Virginia?

    Well Everytown and Bloomberg think so.

    I read a lot of Texans saying all the usual big things but they should be organizing now and getting ready for a huge pre election get out and vote battle vs buying anther gun and talking tough to their buddies on the bar stool.

    After Virginia Bloomberg money and Everytown have to be taken very seriously.
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    Default Re: Will Texas become the next Virginia?

    It may be hitting the fan in Texas!

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    Default Re: Will Texas become the next Virginia?

    I think Texas will soon be blue. Then we may never have the presidency again.
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    Default Re: Will Texas become the next Virginia?

    Texas has passed laws prohibiting sanctuary cities and they refuse to take the refugees from other states border detainment centers. These are all steps to stop the state from becoming a replacement population state and turning blue is going to a hard trick for democrats.
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