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    Default Re: Sandblasting Wooden Stocks?

    Quote Originally Posted by Misery Loves Shotguns View Post
    I do have experience blasting. I use primarily fine play sand but I mix different media in with it sometimes depending on what I'm working on. The sand is pretty mild on steel but it roughs up aluminum a bit more so maybe wood is a bad idea. I do like the weathered look but then if that's the case, why refinish it at all I suppose? The resident evil 2 stock is just a beat up wood stock with police forend.
    i thought it might be a standard stock, looked a little darker than normal though. so are you looking at junkers on ebay? looks like good condition goes for sub $100?

    when blasting with "play sand" make sure to buy the concrete "fine" sand, it is all graded almost to powder, no big rocks to jam the gun. and mask up well.
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    Default Re: Sandblasting Wooden Stocks?

    Dont sand the checkering unless you plan on re-cutting the diamonds yourself. Use a stripper of some sort as posted above and use a cheap soft tooth brush to clean out between the diamonds if finish has been applied over the checkering.

    Stripper, plastic scraper or a razor blade. Let the chemicals do their thing and gently scrape the finish off. Brush the checkering, dont scrape it.
    Then sand by hand as needed.

    Never heard of blasting the finish off wood, would imagine you would end up with some stripes/divots/grooves with enough pressure to cut through most finishes with a more concentrated blast pattern vs a wide (weak) fan spray of the media.
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    Default Re: Sandblasting Wooden Stocks?

    DON'T blast the wood with anything, it's just too aggressive. You'll screw up the stock and then just throw it away or use it for firewood. Blasting is ok in some instances if you are try to get a "weathered " look for something that will be used say for interior decorating inside a house. If you blast the stock, you're just going to have to sand it anyway and you will screw up the checkering.
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