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Drop the "s" in "ARs". You need 1. Get 1 AR, be it a 16", 14.5" pin & weld, or 11.5" AR "pistol/SBR". Take whatever money you would be wasting on building other ARs & invest it in decent kit, glass, armor, NOD, & most importantly TRAINING. Having multiple ARs is worthless if you cant employ them better than the guy(s) shooting at you.
True to a point, certainly want to be up to par on performance and capability. However, as you will see in the post above yours, there is absolutely no such thing as a one size fits all and the functions thereof are many. You can get by on just one 16" as an in-between, maybe slap a 1-8x on there and you've got most of it covered for a while, and perhaps use that until you find what it won't do and then add on accordingly.