A 2-hour course building on the skills and mindset learned in previous classes. LOW LIGHT will teach the student to confidently operate a handgun in a violent situation IN THE DARK. A truly unique opportunity to train with your handgun in a scenario that few other ranges and schools offer! This session is held completely on the range, starting with a lecture on hand-held flashlight techniques, followed by a memorable range session shooting steel targets. We will also train with pistol mounted lights. The probability of self-defense in a low-light situation is higher than that in broad daylight. After successful completion of this course, students will be prepared and confident to defend themselves and their families in such an environment!
100 rounds required
1-hour lecture & Dry fire
1 hour live fire

Class Requirements:
A sidearm, quality holster, belt, and 2 magazine carriers mounted on a belt. A minimum of 3 magazines. Serpa Holsters are not permitted in class. No magnum calibers. A hand-held flashlight with tail cap controls. Momentary on is preferred. Students may bring their pistol mounted lights if they have one.
Prerequisite: Defensive Carry I
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