We are offering a special class at our range on the Tuscarora Mountain in Thompsontown, PA!
Our range is in woods at the base of a mountain, 2.5 miles off the nearest paved road!
This curriculum will work you through close quarter engagement out to 200 yards using your carbine rifle and pistol. Much of the lesson plan will be based on military pre-deployment training. We will work on mid-level and higher-end skills and tactics. Room clearing and teamwork, communication, complex problem solving and stress will all be covered. Get ready to flick your switch from defensive to offensive and learn how to win the fight! 6-hour course. $275. Only ten slots being offered! $140 deposit required to hold your seat. Limited overnight accommodations are available. Please inquire as to availability.

500 rifle rounds and 200 pistol rounds required.

Call or email Jim with questions 610-399-1188 benoit@cajunarms.com

SIGN UP: https://www.cajunarms.com/cajun-arms...n-classes.html

Tuition Deposit Policy

We typically fill our classes and turn students away as the class date nears. Be sure you can attend the class date for which you sign up. Should you become unable to attend a class, you can use your deposit for another class offered within one year of the original class date provided you give at least 72-hour notice to us. We will subtract any upfront costs we incur such as class materials from the deposit. Cancellations shorter than 72 hours and no-shows forfeit their deposit. Thank you

Rifle Course Equipment (rentals available)

A semi-automatic rifle. No magnum calibers. Students are required to have ANSI eye protection, and ear protection. Digital ear protection is REQUIRED to ensure all directions and commands are heard and understood.
You will need a sling, a minimum of 4 magazines for your rifle, a belt or vest with pouches for at least 3 rifle magazines. Back up iron sights are encouraged. A red dot or optic is OK but it must have the ability to be dialed down to 1 power. Rifle caliber pistols are not permitted with or without a brace. Legally obtained SBR’s are permitted if a copy of the tax stamp is presented prior to class. Cleaning and clearing kit and Field repair parts are always helpful.

A sidearm, quality holster, belt, and 2 magazine carriers mounted on belt. A minimum of 3-speed loaders or magazines. Knee and elbow protection is a good idea, but not mandatory. Serpa Holsters are not permitted in class.

Hat, neck scarf, bug spray, rain gear and bags to carry your gear. Clothing for seasonal weather during outdoor classes is required in order to stay comfortable.

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