This coming November could wind up being the election that decides whether or not the 2nd Amendment remains as part of our constitution.
There are numerous threads about how to make sure gun owners get the vote out to protect our rights.
One of the few places where we would have a captive audience is at gun shows, so I'd like to make a suggestion.
Let's (pafoa) get a table at every gun and outdoor show between now and the election to promote 2a conservative candidates.
I'll foot the bill for the table at the next local show to me, and volunteer to spend a few hours manning it.
If the next show isn't local, I'll still at least pay for the table.
Help would be needed at other locations, and also obtaining candidate info and givaways. Most of that we could get from individual campaigns.
That's the basic premise, please expound, suggest etc on how we as a community can make this work.
Most of the members are a lot more savvy then I am, so have at it boys and girls.