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    Default Re: FAQ: Interstate Transportation of Firearms

    I guess flying out of an airport, checked in by the TSA and flying to Florida, Arizona, and Washington don't count
    The judge and jury once again....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Torontogunguy

    Originally Posted by bill.piper

    I have a Texas Conceal carry Permit. Does PA have reciprocitie with Texas?

    With all due respect, that is one big boner that you have just pulled. There are plenty on here that can answer that question but let's say you take the word of the first guy or gal that says YES. And you get to where you are going and discover the rules have changed and you have committed a Class C felony, for example. Who you gonna blame?

    Please, with all due respect, head to the website of the state(s) you are going to travel through and to in order to determine the answer conclusively.

    You can start at as they have links to all of the state websites. I would, respectfully, not even depend on them for the conclusive answer to your question although I love the site and it is invaluable as a tool.

    Fact is, when we travel, we generally take a laptop or notepad computer so that we can check AS WE TRAVEL on reciprocity agreements! They can change THAT fast, like Arizona did recently. One day we were good to go in Arizona and the next day, BOING, our PA permit is no good. Or is it? Check the AZ site to see.

    Happy travels and be safe.
    We must must must check the states gun laws just prior to entry as I too have discovered the law changed the day before. FOPA is viewed by most states as a positive defence only. Be careful when travelling and support the federal reciprocity law again this year. We need it.

    Be careful out there.

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    Default Re: FAQ: Interstate Transportation of Firearms

    Quote Originally Posted by RusskyDudesky View Post
    If you need to transport a firearm, especially a handgun, I suggest you avoid driving through NY at all costs, unless you hold a valid NYS Pistol Permit. Sadly, the idiot and elitist state I live in, NY, does not honor or recognize pistol permits from any of the other states, because somehow our wonderful legislators in Albany in all their pompous glory and wisdom think that their poo don't stink when it comes to issuing pistol permits, as if other states give out pistol permits like Halloween candy and don't do their due diligence to prevent criminals from getting guns, not that it ever stopped criminals from buying guns on the street from the local drug dealer or gangbanger. NYC in relation to NYS is a foreign country in itself and if an out of stater is caught to be in possession of a pistol there, even if it's unloaded, he/she will quickly be arrested and prosecuted by the sue happy hoplophobic liberal D.A. and brought up on felony weapons possession charges. Earlier this year, a few out of state tourists visiting from states like KY and TN made the ultimate f**k-up by visiting the Empire State Building and asking the security on staff where they can check their concealed pistols (insert face to palm smack here). They quickly found themselves being arrested by the NYC Gestapo Police Department and brought up on charges of felony weapons possession in the socialist people's republic of NYC.
    If you ever go through NY (except for very very upstate NY) on your way to another State make sure to lock everything up and conceal it in your car. There is no State in the Union that is more anti-gun then NY. If you get pulled over shut your mouth, take the ticket, and drive on. Paying $200 for some BS traffic violation is better then swapping your freedom for a BS felony charge.

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    Default Re: FAQ: Interstate Transportation of Firearms

    Have to drive through Maryland to Va.. Will have with me, 1- AR-15 with 2 magazines and 60 rounds of ammo, also 1- Taurus pt1911 in 38 super with 2 magazines and a Beretta PX4 storm in 9mm with 1- 15 round magazine. We are not staying the night or have any other reason to break away from our route except maybe a bathroom break. The MD gun laws are freaking terrible and confusing to say the least.. Am I good to drive through. I know I have to tell officers I have said weapons if pulled over. I know not to concent to search. Will Federal law protect me with these weapons and magazines. In a minivan, guns broken down in locked suitcase, ammo and mags in locked pelican style box.

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    Default Re: FAQ: Interstate Transportation of Firearms

    Quote Originally Posted by steveforopen View Post
    I would advise anyone traveling through the state of New York to be extremely cautious when transporting a handgun as a non-resident. The police there do not care about your federal protections, and will confiscate your handgun and arrest you if you are found to be a non-resident in possession of a firearm.

    Flying into NY with a handgun is even more difficult, as the Port Authority does not care about FOPA in the slightest.

    I fly over 30 times a year, and must avoid the Buffalo Airport whenever I fly because of statements by the Port Authority that I would be arrested "regardless of any federal law."

    If I had more money, I'd stage for a federal civil rights lawsuit however I'm not willing to be the test case and would advise anyone else thinking of traveling in NY with a handgun to consider whether they are willing to spend a LOT in legal fees in order to reverse an arrest and MAYBE get your handgun back.
    I think they should be the ones to be more careful. It I the state that can find themselves in trouble for a civil rights violation.

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    Default Re: FAQ: Interstate Transportation of Firearms

    Quote Originally Posted by LTCcarrier View Post
    I think they should be the ones to be more careful. It I the state that can find themselves in trouble for a civil rights

    Just FYI, this thread and the post you are responding to is from 10/2008. Normally I'd let it go, but I'm home bored to death.

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