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    Default Can I ship a rifle/ shotgun via UPS in PA?

    I can't find a definitive answer to this online, I imagine because it varies from state to state. Some sources tell me that rifles/ shotguns may be mailed by a non-FFL holder and it's pistols only that must go through FFL. Is this correct? Seems it may also depend on the actual UPS store you're going to as well? I would be shipping in state only.

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    Default Re: Can I ship a rifle/ shotgun via UPS in PA?

    Google USPS gun regulations. It will produce:
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    Default Re: Can I ship a rifle/ shotgun via UPS in PA?

    Yes you can legally ship and long gun to another PA resident as long as they are not prohibited via ups or usps you cannot ship a handgun without a background check unless it's to a valid C&R license holder but we wont get into that now since you did not ask. You cannot ship a rile from the UPS store you will have to go directly to a shipping hub and drop it off or get a local pick up. You can also give it to a driver if he is dropping something off at your home and he can check it in. I have shipped many many firearms via ups ground over the years and I box them up and print my labels from home rather then doing it there. You do not have to tell them what it is and I recommend you don't, and do not write it on the box. Do not ship the rifle loaded (yeah we should all know this) or with any ammunition in the same box. That would have to ship separately labeled as ORMD/hazardous.

    I would highly suggest getting a copy of the recipients DL, LTCF, and make sure only to ship to the name and address on their DL and no where else.

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    Default Re: Can I ship a rifle/ shotgun via UPS in PA?

    While not required by law, UPS now requires an FFL on at least one end of the shipment. UPS Stores CANNOT process these shipments.

    Long guns can be "mailed" (USPS) between non-prohibited individuals who both reside in the same state.
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