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    Default Stribog VS Scorpion ... not even close

    Here's my opinion that no one asked for haha. I think the Grand Power Stribog is a vastly superior firearm when compared to the CZ Scorpion and here's why; the controls on the Stribog are objectively better for anyone familiar with an AR15, the trigger is WAY better, the grip angle is WAY better, and somehow it is a less expensive gun. I handled a Scorpion carbine today so it's fresh in my mind and as I was putting it back, I was thinking how much better I liked the Stribog. I hated the gigantic, obnoxious safety, don't like the way the magazine release works or that the bolt release is only on the left side (Stribog has a bolt release on both sides), the grip is awful, I couldn't find a comfortable position on the stock, and the charging handle is too small and too close to the top rail. I realize most of those things can be changed but why bother? I've shot them before years ago and wasn't really impressed so I never bought one despite REALLY badly wanting a 9mm PCC.

    What other underrated firearms are you guys fanboys of? Also, it's pronounced STREE-BOG.
    Hope this is not Chris's blood ...

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    Default Re: Stribog VS Scorpion ... not even close

    You know what they say about opinions?

    Everyone has different needs. Different models feel different to different people. It is very easy to change the EVO charging handle from left to right.

    The argument could be made that the Scorpion is more 'proven' by its use by the Czech police forces, but the Stribog is newer. They have increased in price though. I got mine new for $700 about 4 years ago. Reviews of the Stribog are pretty good though, especially with the new non reciprocating charging handle. And I've seen them for like $660 shipped. If I weren't waiting for an HK SP5, and I knew I could get a Stribog stock, I'd buy one.

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    Default Re: Stribog VS Scorpion ... not even close

    Yeah it would have been nice not to have to had to drop close to $200 into parts for my scorpion to remove all the design errors. The original safety design is criminally bad. Don't get me started on that disgusting trigger shoe.

    If I had to do it again........

    I'd still buy the Scorpion because I'm a CZ snob.
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    Default Re: Stribog VS Scorpion ... not even close

    I am a CZ and a Grand Power guy, I like both guns . Out of the box the the Stribog does not really need anything other than mags with metal feed lips, Mine never failed ,but there are some out who have had mag problems. Grand Power has new mags in the works with metal lips and there is the A3 version which will be here soon. I will be getting one sure and I am wanting carbine version. I still like the CZ and I am sure I will customize some more. Right now there is still more aftermarket support for the CZ, but more companies are coming out with Stribog stuff including Glock lowers for those who just have to have a glock mag and the ability to run AR triggers. Owner/Operator, NRA Pistol Instructor

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    Default Re: Stribog VS Scorpion ... not even close

    Don't have a dog in this fight but CZ offers a carbine version which is big for people who want to shoot PCC competitions so that's a huge plus. There are plenty of documented cases of them going 5k-10k rounds+ without any failures so CZ has known long term reliability as well as excellent customer service. I think those are two things that are always over looked when people make comparisons. There are plenty of Glock "destroyers" out there but I have never seen or heard of one going to 100k rounds before complete frame failure.

    If I had the opportunity to choose one today it would be the CZ based on known long term reliability and their longevity and strength as a company. I think the Gen 3 Stribog is going to be much more interesting since it's a roller delayed system vs a strait blow back, but I am sure the price will reflect those upgrades.

    As stated above there are a lot of complaints about the mags and feeding issues, it's not recommended to leave them loaded for long periods of time due to the plastic feed lips separating.
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    Default Re: Stribog VS Scorpion ... not even close

    I never handled a scorpion but do own a Stribog. What a great PDW for the money. Well built for sure. I didn't really care for the flip up backup sights - way too small for my taste especially with the arm brace extended so I put a magpul mbus sights on it as BU to my red dot. Mags work just fine. Very accurate. I can pepper a 3" target at 25 yards without using a rest.
    PS Grand power told me the recoil spring is rated for 10,000 rounds.
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